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About us

Tutorbees is an online tutoring platform where experienced industry professionals are available to teach. The offered courses are customized as per the learning requirements and skill level of the participants.


About Us

An overall decline in traditional educational methods has been observed globally and for some time now. This is a result of outdated curriculum and teaching practices. The advent of technology has revolutionized everyday life; a similar transformation is needed in the educational system to keep up with the times. Therefore, to support the movement, was created to promote online learning platforms in Pakistan


Our Vision

Provide an efficient learning platform that caters to all people's needs and enhances their skills and knowledge.


TechHive (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan

  1. Office No. 3, Building No. 3, Mezzanine Floor, The Enterprise, Multan Road,Lahore, Pakistan.
  2. Helpline:+92-349-4186663