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Understanding Files, Folders and Apps

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Questions / Statements True False
  1. A file can have any information in it, for example voice or sound or picture or text or other data.
  1. One file can have two names.
  1. A filename has three parts [Name].[Extension] where name is any characters that you choose and extension shows the type of the file.
  1. A file can be copied from one folder and pasted into another folder.
  1. A file can be renamed.
  1. The type of a file tells which program will be used to open it.
  1. One program can usually open multiple types of files.
  1. One folder can have only one type of files.
  1. Foldername has the same rule as filename - it has a foldername, dot, and extension.
  1. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox are different browsers and each browser is a program.

What do Files Folders and Apps have to do with Introduction to Web Programming?

All programming projects are organized into files and folders. Our experience tells us that not everyone understands the file types, file formats and folder structure very well.
Our course ensures that participants know the basics of file types, and folders to the extent that they can work effectively on their first coding project.
Software, Programs, Apps are all different names referring to the same concept. We want to ensure that course participants are able to easily identify the executable files as software/ programs/ apps as they will be learning how to make one. The information on this page is not complete and is listed here to indicate of the type of content that will be covered in the instructor led course of Introduction to Web Programming.

Files and Folders

  • A file has a name and it is stored on your device in some folder.
  • A file has a type that can be seen from the last part of the name: For example, .DOCX is a file type that is opened and modified in Microsoft Word.
  • The last part of the filename is called its extension. Commonly used file extensions are .TXT, .XLS, .JPG, .PNG, .MP4, .PPTX.
  • A directory or folder is a named place where files are saved.
  • One folder may contain other folders in it and also files.

Software, Programs and Apps

The bare bone hardware in the shape of a desktop computer, or a laptop, or a phone, or a tablet is not usable unless there is an operating system running on it. Some commonly known operating systems are iOS, Windows, Android and Linux. On top of these operating systems, we can have other Apps or programs like Microsoft Office, iTunes, browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
The objective of the instructor-led course is to have the participants understand the above terminologies so that they can get started with the first hands-on project and then deepen their knowledge and skills as they take more advanced courses later down the road.