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English to Urdu Resources and Services

Learning to speak from English to Urdu is not too difficult if the context of the language is clear to the learner.

According to a popular viewpoint, Urdu, or the “Language of the Camp”/ “lashkari zaban”, started developing in northern India in the 12th century with a heavy influence of Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Hindi. The armies of Muslim emperors in India employed soldiers of different nationalities and they used a mix of languages to communicate.
However, a different point of view believes that Urdu was a fusion of languages of the tribes that flocked Dehli bazar.
Whichever the case, Urdu has a rich set of sounds, rules and vocabulary.
Click here to read more about the historical details if you like.

English to Urdu

About 100 million people in the world speak Urdu whereas English is spoken in 53 countries in the world. It’s the first language of approximately 400 million people in the world.
In order to facilitate English speakers to understand and speak basic Urdu words and sentences, we are creating free English to Urdu resources and services on our site.

English to Urdu Resources

We have worksheets here that show the Urdu words, Urdu sentences and their pronunciation.

English to Urdu Services

Many experienced tutors on our site can help with online language training one on one, translation to Urdu, and other Urdu related works. You can take free trial classes and discuss your requirements with Urdu tutors.

How to start speaking Urdu

If you are already taking classes from an Urdu tutor at our site, then these worksheets will help you reinforce words and practice.