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Khalid Aziz

Urdu, Mathematics

2 Reviews
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About Khalid Aziz

People find me as an upbeat ,self motivated person with excellent communication skills.For the past several years i have worked with dedication and consistency.I enjoy reading and getting knowledge that in return strengthens my teaching skills and presentation abilities. I have also been teaching Mathematics of Cambridge D series and of matriculation level since last fifteen years. For the past several years i have been teaching at leading institutions such as Lahore Grammar School, Angles International School System and Beacon house School System. My experience includes teaching, academics, administrative job and coordinator ship.

Subjects I Teach



Zainab 3.0 Published about 2 years ago


Zainab 3

Canada | about 2 years

I'm quite satisfied with the teaching sessions. Zainab is kept engaged and attentive by her tutor. A few things that would help are, 1) the internet connection used by sir is not strong, and often results in poor sound quality or disrupted session 2) It would help if sir could post homework soon after the session ends so Zainab would have time to complete it and post it for sir to check 3) if sir could check the homework and point out any corrections or areas of improvement in every homework that is posted.

Sara Mountjoy-Pepka 5.0 Published about 1 year ago

United States

Sara Mountjoy-Pepka 5

United States | about 1 year

I am really enjoying lessons with Sir Khalid! He is teaching me Urdu (I am a native English speaker) and he uses a kind of immersion method, where he begins with full sentences (instead of starting with grammar). If you haven't learned with immersion before, it takes some getting used to, but I am learning so much. Sir Khalid also pushes me faster than I was anticipating, which is probably really great for parents hoping their children will learn quickly (I am an adult, learning for communication with my family), but he is patient when I'm struggling with concepts. Sometimes one or the other of us struggles with internet connection (or it's the Tutorbees website - I'm just not sure), but this is still my preferred option for learning Urdu despite that set back.