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Why has Fundamentals of Programming become important for everyone?

Children that are in the age ranges of 10+ years in 2020 will be entering the workforce after the next few years. As of today, the digital skills needed by a child already include the ability to work with a number of computer programs. Developed countries like the US and UK have already made the necessary changes in the educational curriculum to teach children the Fundamentals of Programming at an early age. However, many countries have not been able to do the same. Not only children, many professionals are in situations that demand digital-skill-up, starting from where the learner’s current position. An online search on courses available on the internet yields millions of results. It is difficult for a layman to find the right course, and even if they do, time consuming to get to completion.

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    A file can have any information in it, for example voice or sound or picture or text or other data.
    One file can have two names.
    A filename has three parts [Name].[Extension] where name is any characters that you choose and extension shows the type of the file.
    A file can be copied from one folder and pasted into another folder
    A file can be renamed.
    The type of a file tells which program will be used to open it.
    One program can usually open multiple types of files.
    One folder can have only one type of files.
    Foldername has the same rule as filename - it has a foldername, dot, and extension.
    Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox are different browsers and each browser is a program.
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    How and where to get started if you want to learn Programming?

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    What will the participants learn in this course?

    We will get you started with the basics of file system so that you are familiar with:
    • HTML files
    • CSS files

    Fundamentals of Programming Course: A student's actual project files

    You will work with these file types in a web development project. The fundamentals of programming remain the same for all programming languages hence we are using the HTML tags, CSS styles as a starting point to help you understand the concepts related to syntax, errors, troubleshooting, testing, and maintaining project files.

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