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TutorBees.net aspires to provide best tutors for academic, personal and professional development. Our flexible model should meet your requirements in many ways:
Single lessons for mentoring, career guidance, or for a difficult topic
Regualar classes for school students that need one on one help, as many hours/week as you need.
Language classes
Personal or Professional Development classes, a group of students,home makers or professionals could take a combined class with tutor of their choice.

Students have access to an experienced tutor in comfort of their home, and at a competitive price.

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As promised in our Privacy Policy, we will not share your contact details with our tutors. All the sessions are recorded. It's a transparent process and when needed to review class quality, duration the Students, Parents and Teachers can watch the recorded sessions. Recordings are maintained for a minimum of one billing cycle.
For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions

  • Getting started
    • Step 1: Create your free account by clicking here.When you click the confirmation link sent to your email, your free trial will be activated.
    • Step 2: Create your Tuition Request
    • a) Log in to www.TutorBees.net
    • b) You can create your tuition request using one of the following methods:-
    • -> You can click on "Find me a Tutor" and then request a free trial class from the tutor of your choice. OR
    • -> You can click on "I Need Tuition" to tell your requirements and have tutors reach out to you.
    • Step 3: Accept Tutor offer.
    • Tutors will send your offers against your tuition request. You can view them by clicking on "View Tutors Offers”.
    • -> You can opt to Accept Offer by the tutor of your choice, this means accepting the suggested date and time for free trial with the tutor as well as agreeing to their offered rate/ pricing comments.
    • -> You can also Respond to the Offer and request for alternate date/time for the free trial class.
    • Step 4: Attend the free trial class with the tutor and decide your fee and schedule
    • Step 5: Make your payment and start your online classes.
  • FAQs
    Got any questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions to know more.
  • Flexibility
    You can select your tutor, time of tuition, topics to study and duration of tuition as you like.
    Our panel of experienced tutors is selected through a rigorous process to ensure quality of service.
  • Privacy Policy
    Our Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking here
  • Payments and Refunds
    The students in Pakistan can pay using any of the following methods:
    • a) Deposit an amount at any easypaisa shop against the token provided by TutorBees.net
    • b) Pay online by credit card
    • c) Pay through mobile Account
    • d) Ask us to collect cash from them. TCS will collect cash.
    • e) Pay through online banking
    International students can pay by credit card.
    See the FAQs related to Payment Methods for more details.
    Click here to read our Refund Policy
  • Join us as a tutor?
    • Step 1: Create your free account by clicking here.
    • Step 2: When you click the confirmation link sent to your email, you will be redirected to the page where you will complete your profile.
    • Step 3: Team Tutorbees.net will review your profile and arrange your onboarding session.
    • Step 4: After demonstrating that you can teach online, you can login on Tutorbees.net as a tutor and start sending tuition offers to new tuition requests.
    • Step 5: You can answer the questions posted by the students or you can deliver the online classes.

    • The terms and conditions can be seen here