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Abdul Raheem 's  review: Asia Khawar
December 03, 2020
1 review Saudi Arabia

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Miss Asia is a great and hardworking teacher. She also guides her students in the best ways possible beyond whatever is in the course outline. In this way she prepares a student for both AS Chemistry and the whole AS Level in general.

Areej 's  review: Zeeshan Khalid
November 18, 2020
1 review Canada

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Zeeshan is good at clearing grammar, reading comprehension, and writing concepts. He has a strong command of the English language which is very useful for people who are looking to improve their reading and writing skills.

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Zarish Khan 's  review: Huda Hashmi
October 23, 2020
1 review Pakistan

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He is a very good teacher with a lot of skill. The best thing about him is that he involves the student in lecture by asking different question, giving examples, etc. He is also very knowledgeable of his subjects. My experience with him is so good.

Syedimran 's  review: Afroze Zehra Zaidi
October 07, 2020
1 review Pakistan

Great Teacher for Physics

Mohammad Syed Salman 's  review: Kamran Ali
October 05, 2020
1 review

Sir kamran is a great teacher, extremely helpful and undersranding. He delivered sindhi lectures in the best way possible and Cleared the basics very well. Highly recommended to learn from his curated lectures. Cheers!

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Sara Mountjoy Pepka 's  review: Khalid Aziz
September 18, 2020
1 review United States

I am really enjoying lessons with Sir Khalid! He is teaching me Urdu (I am a native English speaker) and he uses a kind of immersion method, where he begins with full sentences (instead of starting with grammar). If you haven't learned with immersion before, it takes some getting used to, but I am learning so much. Sir Khalid also pushes me faster than I was anticipating, which is probably really great for parents hoping their children will learn quickly (I am an adult, learning for communication with my family), but he is patient when I'm struggling with concepts. Sometimes one or the other of us struggles with internet connection (or it's the Tutorbees website - I'm just not sure), but this is still my preferred option for learning Urdu despite that set back.

Noreen Imtiaz 's  review: Intasar Ul Haq
April 09, 2020
1 review United Kingdom

A very respectful tutor who is sincere towards his job. Always finding different ways to explain stuff if I was unable to understand it. He gives out a lot of practice questions to ensure a clear understanding of the topic. Furthermore, he made up for any days that we could not do. I have come a long way in maths and sciences and most of it is down to him and his hardwork. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling in maths and sciences.

Zainab 's  review: Khalid Aziz
September 20, 2019
1 review Canada

I'm quite satisfied with the teaching sessions. Zainab is kept engaged and attentive by her tutor. A few things that would help are, 1) the internet connection used by sir is not strong, and often results in poor sound quality or disrupted session 2) It would help if sir could post homework soon after the session ends so Zainab would have time to complete it and post it for sir to check 3) if sir could check the homework and point out any corrections or areas of improvement in every homework that is posted.

Zubia 's  review: Taimur Salman
August 28, 2019
1 review Qatar

We are requesting a refund after today's bad experience with the tutor.We are always looking for responsible individuals who adhere to their commitments and social liabilities. Unfortunately it was scarce to see in today's class .Hence it's better that we quit without wasting our daughter's valuable time. Regards, Parents of Zubia.