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Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the teacher.. Even before I joined few colleges and one university , I am aware of the impact of the quality education that the school/colleges/universities provides, on students who grow up to be responsible adults. Leveraging my 3+ years of experience, I anticipate that I will be able to contribute highly to helping students meet their curriculum goals, and provide them with a wider view of perception of this form of art. Since I have taught students ranging from ages 5 to 16, I am well aware of all levels of English on psychology, sociology, biology, career counselling, education, and can quite comfortably incorporate technology into regular lessons. I believe this skill will help students in learning through both conventional means and modern ways. I look forward to meeting all of you individually while learning the ropes so that my transition into the system is as smooth as possible.

I have taught in New heaven public school for biology and English. I worked as a career counselor in Beacon house. I taught Psychology subject in college for 6 months and moved to university where I used to teach English, Psychology(all domains), sociology and education along with career counselling.

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December 25, 2020

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