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About me: Hi! I’m currently studying Economics at The University of Portsmouth. I’m a competitive table tennis player and love to play football whenever I can. I also have a passion for tutoring, as I feel that an aspect of my life’s purpose is to assist others in helping them to achieve their goals. As a tutor, I make it my aim to be approachable and to explain the concepts as clearly as possible. I stress the importance of asking questions about the subject and do not negatively view the mathematical errors which will inevitably occur, as without them there won't be as much progress. Above all, I make it my priority to use our time efficiently so that the maximum amount of knowledge and progress can be achieved from the session. I have access to premium Maths resources and also personally hand-write learning materials to provide the highest quality service possible. I also encourage those I tutor to message me throughout the week if they have a burning maths question they need help with, to which I will happily respond when I’m next available, whether this is by phone call, video call, or simply a message to answer a short question (all free of charge). Experience: -I first tutored at my secondary school’s KS3 Maths programme called Route 121, where I first became inspired to become the best tutor possible. -Due to my performance as a tutor, the school later paid me to teach maths to underachieving students at GCSE. -The next year, I was appointed as ‘Head of Mathematics’ at Route 121, where I had the responsibility of training around 40 Maths tutors from the year below, creating suitable maths materials for them to use, and overseeing the sessions to help with any issues they had. -At the end of the year, I was invited to the school’s annual prize giving, where I was presented with the prestigious Neil Harts prize for ‘Outstanding student support work’ as Head of mathematics, in front of a crowd which included the guest of honour: The Baroness Thornhill

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January 04, 2021

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