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Hello! My name is Saad Aftab and I am a 21 year old fresh grad in Electrical Engineering. As of now, I am working as a technical sales and support engineer for National Instruments. Firstly, I will mention a little bit about my academic profile. I completed my IGCSEs in 2014 and managed to achieve straight A*s. Proceeding to my Alevels, I took up sciences and mathematics and there too, I obtained straight A*s with a distinction in Mathematics. For my University Entrance, I gave the SAT subject tests and managed a perfect score in that. Even-though my academic record is a nice evidence of my good concepts in the specified subjects, I think teaching is much more than grades as it has a strong link towards creating a connection with the student. I love teaching and have been tutoring students part time since the last 5 years now. Recently, due to the pandemic, i have shifted to online learning. I am currently using a WACOM tablet to tutor a student remotely. Moreover, I am also managing a YOUTUBE channel by the name of “learners node” where I teach university level courses. Well, this is it about me. I would love an opportunity to a demo lesson to demonstrate my passion of academia!

I have taught students relating to the following backgrounds: 1: IGCSE O-Levels 2: CIE A-Levels 3: SAT subject tests 4: Edexcel (GCSE) O-Levels 5: Edexcel International Advanced Levels (IAL)

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September 16, 2020

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