Hello. My name is Muhammad Ibrahim and I work as a tutor on different online and offline platforms. From past two years I am providing my services to people who need help in academics. Academic Services: I have been teaching Mathematics from past 2 years as a home tutor and as an online tutor to Grade 12 and below. Also I joined a Canadian Based Online Homeschool in August 2019 as a teacher. If you are looking for a teacher for your kids I would like to teach them. Clearing the concepts of student related to the subject will be my first priority. If you are willing for a teacher for your kids for Mathematics of any grade in between Grade 4 to Pre-Calculus you can contact me here.

Online: Alfajr Homeschool. I have joined this online school as a teacher in August 2019. Home Tuition: From past 2 years I have been teaching Mathematics of Grade 11 and 12 as a Home Tutor.

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