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The Urdu script is similar to Persian and Arabic scripts.
Urdu vocabulary includes words from Turkish, Arabic, Persian and now English. The unique local sounds are aspirated sounds of Bha, Pha, Tha, Gha, Dha, Rha, Lha.

As per Linguistics, Urdu is much more complex as compared to English when it comes to sentence construction and grammar rules.

Basic Sentences - Worksheet 1

Nouns for persons Examples for Usage Urdu
Larka (boy) This is a boy Yeh larka hai
Larki (girl) This is a girl Yeh larki hai
Larkay (boys – plural) Boys are playing Larkay khel rahay hein (plural verbs are gender specific)
Larkiyan (girls – plural) Girls are playing Larkiyan khel rahi hein (plural verbs are gender specific)
Mard (male person)
Orat (female person)
Khatoon (female person)
Orat-ain (plural of Orat) Women were sitting Oratain bethin thee
Khawateen (plural of Khatoon) Women were sitting Khawateen bethin thee
Aadmi (male person) This man is ill Yeh aadmi bemaar hai
Insaan (human being)
Log (people) People gathered Log jama ho gaye
Hujoom (Crowd) People flocked Hujoom akatha ho gaya
Bacha (male child or male baby) Whose baby boy is this? Yeh kis ka bacha hai?
Bachi (female child or female baby) Whose baby girl is this? Yeh kis ki bachi hai?
Bachay (plural) Children are playing
Kids are playing
Bachay khel rahay hein
Beta (son) This is my son Yeh mera beta hai
Beti (daughter) This is my daughter Yeh meri beti hai
Betay (sons) These are my sons Yeh meray betay hain
Bait-ee-yan (daughters) These are my daughters Yeh meri bait-e-yan hain