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Ayesha kashif

English, Biology, Spoken English, Urdu

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About Ayesha kashif

Hy!  I am Ayesha, and I recently joined Tutor Bees to teach the students in KG–7. I wonder if I can help the students with their studies. I am very good at English. That's why I wanted all students to be excellent in English. Biology is also my favourite subject. So, whether you have tucked in any topic, I am always here for you. It's my first experience teaching, but I am guaranteed that after I clarify all the topics, you will have no more doubts in your mind. Now what about Urdu? After all, it's our national language, and we have to speak it very clearly. I also have a great focus on Urdu. So if you have any problems, I am here. Just send me a message on TutorBees, briefly explaining what you want to understand. I am waiting for you.

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