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Pricing is simple, flexible, and transparent

  1. Students and parents decide the amount of fee with the tutor of their choice. This gets done in the demo classes and exchange of messages between them.
  2. The tutor creates the bill as per mutual agreement with the student/ parent.
  3. Students and parents pay the decided fee to the platform prior to starting paid classes.
  4. A notification is sent to the tutor automatically when the student/ parent pays the bill. The amount remains safely with the platform.
  5. The tutor starts paid classes.
  6. As classes are conducted, the tutor can see in their earnings in their dashboard and they can withdraw their earning whenever they want to. For example, if 10 hours (twice a week classes for 5 weeks) were decided for USD 50, and out of these 5 classes have taken place, the tutor can withdraw half of the fee paid.
Note that platform takes a percentage of the fee paid, tutors are well aware of this policy and process and they appreciate the transparency in the system.

  1. Students/ parents first create a tuition request (i.e. they tell what subject they need to study and other details such as desired timings and curriculum details for that subject).
  2. Relevant tutors send offers to teach.
  3. A student/ parent will see these offers as messages in the Inbox in dashboard.
  4. The student/ parent will message the tutor that they want to meet and decide a date/time for the demo class.
  5. During the demo class, the student/ parent discusses all details with the tutor directly.
For a new tuition, you can take up to three demo classes from three different tutors for free. A demo class is an opportunity for you to see the teaching style of the tutor. This should help you decide which tutor you want to proceed with. In case, you want to meet more tutors, you can pay the minimal hourly rate of USD 4 per hour (PKR 1,000) to and take more demo classes from the tutors of your choice.
Hani is a parent of 2 children. She needs 1 tutor for English, and another one for Algebra. She can take 3 free demo classes to decide the English tutor for her child, and she can also take another 3 free demo classes to decide the tutor for Algebra.

  1. Tutors are empowered to decide their own rates. Each tutor has stated an indicative rate range on their profile for your convenience. When a student or parent meets the tutor in the demo class, they should discuss and decide the fee directly with the tutor.

  1. Fee of each course is stated clearly on the course page. There are no demo classes for courses, students can directly register from the page OR send an email to to register into a course. Students who register in a course, such as Scratch level 1 or Video Editing, will pay the fee and start the course with the tutor.

    Courses are offered by tutors who have completed the quality review process to run them. The video snippets of different courses are available on our YouTube Channel for students and parents to see the teaching style and projects done by students.

  1. Students/ parents who reside outside of Pakistan will see their fee in USD. When they make a payment by Credit Card, the USD amount is automatically converted to PKR by the payment gateway. For example, for a parent living in Canada, their card would automatically manage the CAD <> USD <> PKR conversion.

  1. Qualified tutors who can teach a student residing in other country are mostly experienced tutors and they charge the fee that they think is appropriate, given their experience level. As such, we do not overcharge on any basis, be it location or nationality. The tutor charges are completely based on their skill and experience.

  1. This is to acknowledge the efforts of professional tutors and help the Pakistani tutors survive in difficult economic conditions. Teaching is noble, we believe in respecting and valuing the time and input of good tutors on the platform.

    In the same spirit, we have a provision for parents too. If a parent has 2 or more children studying with the same tutor, then we allow the tutor to work at slightly less than the minimum rate.

  1. We are open to suggestions, please email us at if you want to suggest improvements or share comments.

  1. You can pay by Credit Card. A reputed third party payment gateway is used to process payments so usage of card is safe. Users in Pakistan can pay by online banking and also wallets such as EasyPaisa.