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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is an online service where a learner can get help from the tutor of his/her choice.

Learners include school students, university students, and folks doing exam preparations for academic and professional purposes - like IELTS, and GRE. Our learners also include professionals seeking career guidance and mentoring on special topics.

Our learners also include teachers who are learning how to effectively teach online. Some homemakers are also learning how to make use of technology in a better manner to be able to connect with children and services. is the go-to place for getting one-on-one help for your specific needs.

Small-group classes for coding or Spoken English are also conducted on the platform. You can write to for any queries that are not answered here.


Thousands of tutors are registered on the platform, waiting for students/ parents to create a tuition request to tell what they want to learn.

Step 1: Student/ Parent register on (in less than a minute).

Step 2: Student/ Parent creates a tuition request (it takes a minute). Note that you do not need to search for relevant tutors. You can describe what type of tutor you require.

For Example:

A sample request from a student

A sample request from a parent

Step 3: Relevant tutors will start to reach out to you via their offers in just a few hours. You will be able to see the messages and tutor profiles in your Inbox on the dashboard. You can send them messages to set up a time for a demo class. Up to three demo classes are free so that you can select a tutor as per your requirements. When you've decided whom to proceed with, inform them and ask them to create your bill (invoice).

Step 4: The platform requires you to pay in advance. This payment will remain secure with the platform till your selected tutor completes the hours they have promised. As and when tuition hours are completed, the tutor's payment is transferred to their account. You are advised to leave a review on the tutor's profile as it will help other learners in selecting the tutor. has a built-in virtual classroom. It looks similar to Zoom and Google Meet, and it has more features that make it better suited for live online classes. You do not need to install any software to take online classes on a laptop or on a mobile phone. Tutors are advised to use a laptop so that they can write and teach effectively.

Yes. Our quality team regularly audits classes and content to maintain safe, professional content. Our tutors are selected carefully through an interview and testing process. We do not share the contact details of students with the tutor.

Tutor Selection: Our tutors are university graduates, experienced teachers and experts in their fields, from Pakistan and other countries. Before someone can start working on tutorbees, they have to pass our assessment and review process. Our customer success team helps parents select relevant tutors.

Recordings: On the platform, the parents can review the classes of their children and this transparency is well appreciated by our users. These class recordings are kept for the current billing cycle and then they are removed from the platform.

Messaging: Students/ parents can exchange messages with the tutor through the platform and this exchange is also helpful in aligning plans. The platform works 24/7/365 and our responds to emails in one business day.

The cost of regular tutoring depends on the subject, grade of the student, experience of the tutor.

For example, a school student who wants to study Grade 5 Maths may opt for a tutor who charges USD 5 per hour whereas an A Level Math student may need to pay around USD 11 - 18 per hour or more for an experienced tutor. Tutors decide their rate directly with the student/ parent when they meet in the demo class/ or over messages exchanged on the platform. Students/ parents are free to select a tutor ( and rate) that suits them.

Security & Privacy

For the safety and privacy of all users, we do not share direct contact details. However, you can message the tutor any time, and also meet and communicate with the tutor directly using our online classroom that tutors use to teach. Our Privacy Policy ensures that contact and personal details of teachers and students remain private to them, communication has to take place on the platform via messages or online classes.

We use secure third party services to process online payments. We do not store credit card information on our site so there's no need to worry about online payments security. Our users have been paying us from US, Canada, KSA, Oman, Australia, UAE and other countries.


It's simple and should not take more than a minute.
  1. Open the Register page for student.
  2. Enter your information and click on Register.
  3. Create a tuition request to reach hundreds of tutors.
If you want to register as a tutor, click here instead.

You can click on Forgot Password to get a password reset email at the email on which you registered.

You can study any subject here, we have had students who took online classes for Spoken Sindhi, for Spoken English, for Urdu, for Kitchen Gardening, for Programming, Statistics, Machine Learning and so on and so forth. There are school and college teachers registered on the platform as well as doctors, bankers, IT professionals, and other professionals who can respond to requests relevant to their area.

  1. Our web portal is available 24/7.
  2. Our staff is available in person and on the phone during business hours, 10 am to 6 pm PKT time (UTC +5).

You can use a computer, laptop or smartphone that has a decent internet connection. The portal is designed to work well on all major browsers including Chrome, IE, Edge, and Firefox.

Payment does not store credit card information. We use a reputable third party (PayPro's secure site) for credit card payment processing.

We do not accept cash.

Please see our guide on How to make a payment?

Online Classes

Online class schedules are mutually agreed between the tutor and the student(s).

Reminders about the class are automatically sent from the platform.

TutorBees offers one-on-one live classes so that the student gets full attention from the tutor. However, we can arrange group classes for those students who want to study as a group, typical examples include cousins who are age-fellows and agree to sit together in the same class, or school friends who want to take up a coding class and they want to do it together. They can message the admin and the tutor about this requirement and our tutor will take it from there.

What If?

Tutors are paid on an hourly basis. If you took 3 classes then the payment of those 3 classes is transferred to the tutor by the platform. In case you are not satisfied withthe tutor you selected, you can inform the tutor that you do not want to continue further classes.

You can create another request, get a demo from some other tutor(s) and then proceed with some other tutor.

Please see our Refund Policy

Please send us the details at

We review advertising requests on a case-by-case basis.

You can Register as a Tutor on During this registration process, you will be asked to share your qualifications and professional experience details (if any), the minimum and maximum rate that you will charge, the subject(s) that you will teach and other details. The registration process is completely online, and the instructions to complete each step are available within the platform in the form of an Onboarding Course for new tutors.