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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ s) is an online service where a learner can get help from tutoring.

Learners include school students, university students, folks doing exam preparations for academic and professional purposes - like IELTS, GRE. Our learners also include professionals seeking career guidance and mentoring on special topics. Our learners also include teachers that are learning how to effectively teach online. Some home makers are also learning how to make use of technology in a better manner to be able to connect with children and services. is the go to place for getting expert advice.

We provide one-on-one tutoring, as well as group tutoring services. You can write to for any queries that are not answered here.


Yes. Our moderators and governance team regularly audits user content to maintain safe, professional content and to ensure that no inappropriate word/ image is used on the site or in the online class. Our tutors are selected carefully through an interview and testing process. We do not share contact details of students with the tutor.

Post it and pay a nominal fee to get specific answers to your questions. Use our service as and when needed.

Our tutors are university graduates, experienced teachers and experts in their fields.

We will resolve this at two levels:

  1. We will ask you to explain what didn’t work out for you so that the tutor can explain again/ rephrase the answer/ further elaborate. You reserve the right to still say that you have not understood the explanation

  2. For an answer that you’re not satisfied with, we will get another independent answer from another tutor. Since our tutors are very carefully selected, we expect that you will be satisfied with the written answer(s) and follow-up calls with one or both teachers.

For Refund related queries, please see our Refund Policy

We use secure third party services to process online payments. We do not store credit card information on our site so there’s no need to worry about online payments security.

I am a tutor. How do I join?

Join as Tutor

Please read through the Terms and Conditions , Refund and Privacy Policy before using our service.


You cannot talk to the tutor on phone. However, you can always meet and communicate with the tutor using our online classroom that tutors use to teach.

The cost of regular tutoring depends on the subject, grade of the student, experience of the tutor.

For example, a school student who wants to study Grade 5 Maths may opt for a tutor who charges USD 6 - 10 per hour for twice a week classes whereas an A Level Math student may need to pay around USD 18 - 25 or more for an experienced tutor.

It’s simple and should not take more than a minute.

  1. Open the Register page for student

  2. Enter your information and click on Register

  3. Create a tuition request to reach hundreds of tutors

If you want to register as a tutor, click here instead.

You can use any computer or laptop that has a decent internet connection. The portal is designed to work well on all major browsers including Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox

You can click on Forgot Password to get a password reset email at the email on which you registered.

Please write to us at and we will review the case. We are committed to your success and are grateful for any ideas that will help us improve.

Usage is a fully online service.

Currently, provides these services:

A. You can ask a question anytime you get stuck!

  • You can get a tutor to respond to your specific questions providing a convenient and high-quality service.
  • It is mediated, so you’ll not see inappropriate content.
  • It is efficient. We recommend that you keep sufficient balance in your account and whenever you need help with any question or concept in any of the supported subjects, you reach out to our experienced tutors. For example, if you have a balance to ask 3 questions, you can ask a Physics question, a Math question and a third question related to Chemistry.

B. You can get an Online Class anytime you need to understand some concept!

  • You can get a tutor who will explain the concept to you in an online class. This is very time efficient as compared to having a full-time tutor, while still maintaining the quality of the interaction.
  • The student's personal information is never shared with the tutor. The online class is auto-recorded by platform to ensure maximum security and transparency.
  • It is efficient. You can get help from our expert tutors as and when needed. For example, if you pay for only 2 hours, say 1 for Chemistry and 1 for Maths, at different timings and rates from our tutors, that’s all what you need to pay. Click here to see how to book an online class!

You can study anything here, we have had students who took online classes for Spoken Sindhi, for Spoken English, for Urdu, for Kitchen Gardening, for Programming, Statistics, Machine Learning and so on and so forth. There are school and college teachers registered on the platform as well as doctors, bankers, IT professionals, and other professionals who can respond to requests relevant to their area.

For online classes, you can take a short demo class to meet the tutor, see their teaching style and discuss the fee. If all goes well, you can proceed for paid classes after agreeing on a per hour rate/ monthly rate.

In response to your written question, the tutor can provide a written answer. Where necessary, the tutor will record and audio message as well. In case the tutor thinks that your question will be best explained by a video or a short live session where you can interactively ask/ clarify from the tutor, that will be done.

We will make all reasonable efforts that your question is addressed.

  • Our web portal is available 24/7.
  • Our staff is available in person and on phone during business hours, PKT time (UTC +5).
  • Our tutors are based in different timezones so that questions that are pouring in from across the globe can be answered efficiently. Likewise, online classes can also be done at any mutually agreed time between the tutor and the student.

Please send us the details at

We review advertising requests on case by case basis.

Please send us that broken link at and we’ll fix it.


Ensure that the card is activated for online payments.

When the Proceed to Pay window opens, click Visa/ Master Card as shown below

Enter the details in the following screen and click Pay Securely.

You will receive a confirmation SMS and email team issues the invoice in USD. When you pay by Credit Card, the amount is automatically converted into Pakistan Rupee (PKR).

PKR bills are raised for users in Pakistan.

If you experience trouble completing payment through credit card, first thing to do is to make sure that your card is activated for online payments and that you have enough funds/limit to complete the transaction. Your bank can help you verify these details.

Some cards issued outside Pakistan are also not supported on and may be declined.

I do not live in Pakistan, can I pay TutorBees through some other method?

If none of the payment methods suit you, please Contact Us . does not store credit card information. The user is moved to Telenor’s secure site or to Paypro’s secure site for credit card payment processing.

Please see our Refund Policy

Online Classes

Online class schedule is mutually agreed between the tutor and the student(s).

TutorBees offers exclusive one-on-one sessions. However, we can arrange group classes for a maximum of 3 students where they want to study as a group

The fee depends on the subject, grade and experience of the tutor. The student should discuss the fee with the instructor directly.