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Biology Tutors Online

How to Apply as a Biology Tutor?
  1. Minimum qualification required for a tutor is bachelors along with at least 2 years of teaching experience for relevant grade(s).
  2. TutorBees team will approve your profile after assessing your ability to effectively teach online.
Our Process to select Biology Tutors:
  • Our team selects Biology tutors that have professional teaching experience.
  • We train the selected Biology tutors to effectively teach online and only then they start working with TutorBees students.
  • When TutorBees student engages with a tutor, we ask the student to rate the Biology tutor on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) and also share comments about their experience.
  • The ranking and comments given by students and parents are visible on the profile of the tutors to help other students decide.
  • Our moderators can be reached at any time for help with Biology tutor selection.
What can a Biology Tutor teach?
    Work with our experienced and top tutors:
  • For exam preparation (O Levels or A Levels or Middle Grades Science)
  • Concepts and revision (O Levels or A Levels or Middle Grades Science)
  • For school homework help as and when needed
Our process to enable students
  • New students can Sign Up on our site.
  • Our moderator will contact the new student and set up a time for Orientation session.
  • During the Orientation session, the student gets to use the specialized whiteboard.
  • Once the student is comfortable using the whiteboard, the student can proceed for online tuition with a Biology Tutor or any other subject tutor.
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Search for a Biology tutor

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