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Khadija A.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science

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About Khadija A.

Hey there! I am a master's student majoring in Biotechnology at NUST. I have a tutoring experience of 4 years during which I've taught numerous subjects like Biology, Chemistry and English to middle school, high school and undergrad level students. I am well versed in designing engaging and interactive lessons for my students to ensure their learning and participation in the lesson and to help them grasp the concepts. My main goal is to help the students get a deep enough understanding of the subject and focus on addressing their weaknesses so that they can ace their classes. In terms of lesson timings, I try to be flexible and accommodate the students according to their schedule. Designing mini quizzes and tests for exam prep is also a part of my study plan design. So if you preparing for your science subjects a daunting task and want to learn science in a fun and engaging environment, do sign up for a trial lesson. See you in class!

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