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Yusra F.

English, Psychology, Islamiyat, Sociology

Last active 6 months ago
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About Yusra F.

Hello, this is Yusra. Currently, I am an A Level student, who is passionate about teaching English, Psychology, and Islamiyat. I have excelled in these subjects and now I want to help others excel in them as well. For me, teaching is not just about checking off the syllabus. I rather make sure that along with meeting their academic needs, my students have a fun learning experience and take away something from my classes that they can keep with them for the rest of their lives. What makes me unique as a teacher is that I am great at communicating with my students and providing them with moral support whenever they need it, even if it's with something other than their studies. I believe that in order to extract the most out of learning, the bond between the teacher and the student needs to be strong, that's why I always try to maintain friendly ties with my students so that they do not hesitate if they require any help.

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