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Policy on Delivery of Services and Refund

Our users (parents and students) from all over the world use When a user makes a payment, the funds are held in their account for six (6) months from the date of transaction. During this time, these may be used to obtain any service provided by

When and why is refund needed?

In rare cases, if a user paid for lessons and all classes were not done, and the user does not foresee any tutoring need that can be served in the next few months, they can rightfully claim a refund.

We encourage users to change tutor in case they are not very satisfied with the tutor that they opted to engage first. Given sufficient time and done appropriately, change of tutors is acceptable and understandable. The first response to a poor experience should not be a refund request.

In cases where a user is dissatisfied with the tutor that they engaged and they do not want to hire another tutor, they can initiate the request for refund via email. All communication related to this shall be done in writing. We will take input from the tutor if required, and also review the commitment between both parties. This review can take up to 1 week. If our team agrees with the reasons cited for disengaging they will initiate the refund transfer process.

The refund process

  • Our team will calculate the refund amount and ask for confirmation.
  • We will send the available options to transfer funds (via online banking or Western Union). To process a refund transfer, the banking channel that we use may charge some fee and if that is the case, this fee will be paid from the amount being refunded. We will share the details and ask for confirmation before we proceed.
  • We will request the user for the personal identification and/or bank account details to process the refund (depending on the channel that will be used to transfer the refund)

Time and other constraints

  • The refund process involves multiple parties and can take up to 12 business days for international transfers. For users in Pakistan, upto 4 business days is required to process the refund.
  • This is a time-consuming and expensive process, amounts less than or equal to PKR 3,000 are not refundable.