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Aymi A.

English Grammar, Add Maths, Islamic Studies, English

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About Aymi A.

I'm Teacher Aiman. I'm To secure position as teacher and utilize my dedication to forest quality education required for a child's development". I can teach maths, English, English grammar computer, Islamic studies, Pak studies. I can teach Montessori to secondary.i have 7 years of teaching experience And I'm delivering English language courses and Teaching is my passion.. I am Pakistani .. My religion is Islam. I have command on computer skills.. Just like Ms word.. Power point, DOC,GW. Basic. Ap skills teacher on , canva , fiver . I've done from premier college.. I have done intermediate from Woman's college of Karachi. I worked as a kindergarten teacher at a The City School . It was one of the best experience of my life. Now more than ever, it can be difficult to develop and maintain relationships with students to provide them with the support they need. I have found that through student-produce writing and reflecting, I've learned more about my students than through any other matter. My job as a educator isn't simply to their minds with knowledge, but to understand that's the student in front of me is a unique individual and that i need to make learning personal to them.

Subjects I Teach

English Grammar

Add Maths

Islamic Studies


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