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fawad hassan

Web Development, Python, Computer Science, Data Structure, DSA, Intro to Databases, Information Technology, Object Oriented Programming, Javascript

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About fawad hassan

Hi, My name is Fawad Hassan. I am a freelance blockchain and web developer with expertise in various programming tools, frameworks, languages, and principles like algorithm design and analysis. I teach students as my secondary passion because practical life teaches me that you grow solid when you keep your connection intact with your base. Teaching others allows me to revisit all those concepts like dynamic programming, OOP, data structures, etc. to name some. As a teacher, my primary focus is always on ensuring that my students understand their subject so that they never falter in the concepts they learn from me. I guide my students with balanced guidance, theoretical understanding, and a hands-on approach.

Subjects I Teach

Web Development


Computer Science

Data Structure


Intro to Databases

Information Technology

Object Oriented Programming


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