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Jawaid H.

Spoken English, ESP Business English, Business Communication

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About Jawaid H.

My name is Jawaid, and I look forward to teaching you. I currently reside in my home country of Pakistan, but I've also lived in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Sudan for several years apiece. I hold a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business from a university located in New York. I have a number of years of experience teaching conversational as well as written English to adults. I am patient and encouraging with my students, ensuring I adapt to their needs and provide them with the knowledge and confidence required to speak a foreign language with ease. Don't worry about making mistakes when learning with me: I will always guide you toward improvement. I provide conversational as well as reading/writing courses in English. If you have any topics of interest, please go ahead and suggest them, and I will adjust my course to fit them in. Alternatively, I use scenarios of my own in order to teach, which include business settings, shopping, traveling, etc. There's an immense difference between learning a language and learning to speak it confidently, and I intend to help you bridge that gap and overcome your hesitation.

Subjects I Teach

Spoken English

ESP Business English

Business Communication

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