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Mahnoor Altaf

Computer Science, English, General Science, Mathematics

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About Mahnoor Altaf

Hello, it's me, Mahnor Altaf. Passionate Math and English teacher with 5+ years of experience in online and home tutoring for students with learning difficulties that helped improve their final test results by 40%. My years of experience as a teacher have shaped a teaching philosophy that guides how I help my students succeed in the classroom and beyond. My teaching methodology is active learning with nine events of instruction. I have tutored students from different backgrounds from the UK, USA, SAUDIA ARABIA, UAE and AUSTRALIA, and Pakistan. Cater's lesson as per the learning needs of pupils in the class-Auditory. I indulge my students by providing interactive worksheets. It will always be a one-on-one live session with the students. Developed lesson plans and activities based on various learning needs to ensure the success of all students. Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom. I always motivate and encourage them to share their questions and opinions in an unbiased and open environment I strive to create a space for students to explore their learning styles, then I'm here to help students to develop their interests and guide their absorption of the material. I will put all my effort into ******** percent results, I will not compromise on students' progress at any cost.

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Computer Science


General Science


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