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Mahwish D.

English Grammar, Spoken English, Islamic Studies, English

Last active 7 months ago
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About Mahwish D.

Being in the teaching profession since 2014 and belonging to a family of educationists, I am a teacher by passion with an aim to bring a positive change in the youth of our society. Presently teaching at a prestigious private school in Islamabad, by the Grace of Allah SWT, my educational credentials include an M.Phil Degree in Mass Communication and a Taleem ul Quran Diploma from Al Huda International. I am also a certified IGCSE Cambridge First Language English Teacher. I love to interact with children of all ages and backgrounds, and can easily adapt to their needs. I do not mind repeating concepts if need be; am always ready for communication and accept critical feedback. My aim is to motivate students to learn and enjoy what they are doing, alongside helping them build the connection with Allah SWT. My IGCSE students have achieved amazing results in IGCSE First Language English and Islamiyat, boasting A* and A grades. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with my students, in sha' Allah!

Subjects I Teach

English Grammar

Spoken English

Islamic Studies


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