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Nabhan A.

Business Studies, ESP Business English, Economics, Business Communication

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About Nabhan A.

I am a dedicated teacher with a passion to teach. My bond with students is such that allows me to understand their struggling areas and I work on it till they are fully confident in the topic. I have 2+ years of experience, online and in person which allows me to handle both scenarios and deliver the message clearly. Learning should be fun, not the typical book reading and assignments. I have been told my friends that I teach well and explain issues with examples so the student can understand. I have expertise in O Level, AS/A Level in areas of English, Business studies and University level ESP Businesss studies. I can walk you through the syllabus and help ypu achieve your desired grade. Furtehrmore, I also have a strong grip in IELTS and can deliver the content with ease. My aim is to get you (the student) the confidence in the subject, to build your interest and improve your grade which will boost your morale.

Subjects I Teach

Business Studies

ESP Business English


Business Communication

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