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Nayab Azhar

Mass communication, Social Study, Graphic design, Visual Communication, Video Editing, Research, English Literature

Last active 7 days ago


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About Nayab Azhar

Hi! I'm here to utilize my skills to impart essential information gained through my personal experience and extensive research on the subject matter. I'm a hardworking individual as I'm oriented to give my very best and look towards incorporating different techniques proving to be quite influential to the people willing to learn. People believe in learning through experiences but I believe in having the will and compassion to learn. Hence, I encourage learning through substantial virtual interactions while enjoying the benefits of convenient time, comfortable space and friendly learning environment.

Subjects I Teach

Mass communication

Social Study

Graphic design

Visual Communication

Video Editing


English Literature

Reviews (1)

Sadaf waseem | Rating: 5.0 | Recommended

Teaching Style
| Flexibility
Sadaf waseem

Video Editing Course - 04

Rating: 5.0
Teaching Style

I had a great experience while attending the course. Ms. Nayab is a very good tutor. She explains everything so well. I highly recommend her.