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Dr F.

Biology, Chemistry, MDCAT, Physics

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About Dr F.

INTRODUCTION: Noor Fatima is here to teach you people what I learned in my successful journey. From Matric to MDAT: How I became the topper of my institutes and reached a medical college. I not only want to teach but also guide and share my experiences with all the students who want to become doctors. I will make your concepts strong by explaining them in an easy way that you will never forget. Why I select teaching: As a medical student, the only reason I chose to teach is to help future medical students with all of the things I couldn't get during my time. Keeping in view the competition and high merits for admission in Govt. medical colleges in Pakistan, it has become very difficult for students to secure admission and fulfil their dreams. Although this is not difficult, it just requires the right guidance from someone who has himself passed through these channels of hard work, not from those teachers who have never faced these things and just assume the scenario and start speaking. Students of this time are facing mental disorders and depression, and nobody cares, including parents and teachers. They just know to teach books, but now the matter is far behind the books. Why should you select me? The things that I teach in my sessions 1: How to grip the concept 2: How to make notes 4: How to present it with diagrams and graphs 5: How do you improve your paper presentation 6: Caligraphy with 605 marker for the main heading of the paper 7: How to draw diagrams in less time with maximum neatness 8: How to Manage Time in Paper 9: How to Manage Stress on Paper 10: How to Prepare for the Final Exam in 1 or 2 Days (Revision Techniques and Short Listing) for MDCAT Students.

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