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Rabia K.

Biology, Biotechnology, English Grammar, MS Office

Last active almost 2 years ago
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About Rabia K.

I hold an MS and have studied industrial and medical biotechnology. I'm currently working as a lecturer while also enrolling in online courses. I can teach all courses up to the intermediate level, with the exception of math and physics, but I can also teach English and all the disciplines that are related to biology in higher level classes. I can also aid students in their IELTS exam preparation. I'm also an expert in MS Office; therefore, I can create assignments, ppts, and even work linked to theses. I am capable of instructing computer basics and offer private or group classes that are tailored to the learning objectives and ability level of each student. I am a goal-driven and results-driven educator. I started tutoring before I finished my degree, so I have three years of teaching experience. I have been teaching as a lecturer since I graduated from a HEC-recognized university in August 2021. I always engage in rigorous practice with my students to help them develop the necessary skills for them to answer questions in accordance with the marks assigned in board exams, etc. I also always ensure that their understanding of each and every topic is crystal clear.

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English Grammar

MS Office

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