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Saqib Z.

Physics, Mathematics

Last active about 6 hours ago
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About Saqib Z.

Hi every one! I'm Saqib Zafar, I hold a master’s degree in Physics, and a love to teach. I have been teaching Physics and Mathematics from junior levels to F.Sc. for last three years now. . My teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in a student-centered and interactive approach. I firmly believe that fostering a dynamic learning environment, where students actively participate and engage with the subject matter, is essential for comprehensive understanding and retention. Through various teaching methodologies, I aim to make complex concepts in physics and mathematics accessible, ensuring that students not only grasp the theoretical aspects but also develop a practical understanding of how these principles manifest in the real world. I am excited to connect with you on the Tutor Bees platform, where our educational journey together can unfold. Together, we can explore the captivating world of physics and mathematics.

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