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Sara S.

Science, Biology, Chemistry, General Science

Can Teach in English
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About Sara S.

As your teacher, my goal will be to help you develop a deep and nuanced understanding of the scientific concepts and principles that we will be covering. I will be challenging you to think critically and analytically, encouraging you to ask questions, and pushing you to explore and experiment with the material in new and creative ways. We will be exploring the fascinating world of science and biology, learning about the natural processes that govern life on our planet and the scientific principles that underlie them. Ultimately, my hope is that our tutoring sessions will inspire you to see science and biology as not just a set of facts and figures to memorise but as a dynamic and exciting field of study that is constantly evolving and expanding our knowledge of the world around us. So let's get started and embark on this exciting journey of scientific discovery together!

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General Science

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