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Shahbaz H.

Special Education

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About Shahbaz H.

Shahbaz Hassan has made a name for himself in the field of special education. In 2010, he started out on a journey of steady dedication that has changed many people's lives. His high-level jobs at prestigious schools show how good he is. In his first five years, Mr. Gillani worked at the Center for Excellence in Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities (CEIMC) in Dubai Health Care City. From 2010 to 2015, he worked with a wide group of students with special needs and changed the way he taught. His caring attitude and deep understanding of how different people are won over students and coworkers in Dubai. After having a good time in Dubai, Mr. Gillani went to Lahore to develop his skills as a teacher. During these two years, his never-ending quest for greatness changed the lives of many people in his care. He showed how much he cared about his kids by creating a place where everyone felt welcome and supported. When he moved to Rawalpindi, his job changed. For the next six years, he was a leader in special education. Mr. Gillani kept helping autistic kids and pushed for partnerships between special education and the community. Students and their families liked how his teaching helped them grow emotionally, socially, and academically. Hassan Gillani's work in special education is marked by his ability to build relationships, adapt to different learning environments, and give people hope. Years of work in different countries and cultures have led to giving people with special needs more power, making their voices heard, and making good changes. As he motivates and leads, his effect goes beyond the classroom and makes everyone he meets better.

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Special Education

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Rafia | Rating: 5.0 | Recommended

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| Flexibility

Skill Exchange Program - Autism Awareness by Mr. Shahbaz Hassan

Rating: 5.0
Teaching Style

It was so informative and worth listening to. Sir Hassan did a great job. Excellent explanation, each word, each example, and each experience Sir has shared is priceless.