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Shakeeba N.


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About Shakeeba N.

Hello! I'm Shakeeba Nabil, a passionate chemistry tutor dedicated to helping students discover the wonders of the chemical world. With over 7 years of teaching experience, I've had the privilege of guiding students through the complexities of chemistry and sparking their curiosity. Teaching Approach My teaching philosophy centers on making chemistry engaging and relatable. I believe that understanding the "why" behind chemical reactions is just as important as memorizing formulas. I'm committed to creating a supportive space where students feel empowered to ask questions and explore concepts deeply. Areas of expertise General Chemistry Organic Chemistry inorganic chemistry Lab Chemistry Why Choose Me? As your chemistry tutor, I am dedicated to nurturing a love for science and helping you grasp the fundamental concepts that form the basis of chemistry. Whether you're struggling with organic compounds or eager to excel in lab work, I'm here to guide you towards success. Testimonials "Shakeeba's teaching transformed my perception of chemistry. Her clear explanations and real-world examples made the subject come alive for me." Dur-e-Eman, Punjab Group of Colleges, Lahore "Shakeeba's passion for chemistry is contagious! Her patient guidance helped me overcome challenges and boosted my confidence in the subject." Mrs. F.Waqar Availability I offer online chemistry tutoring sessions. Let's work together to unravel the mysteries of atoms, molecules, and reactions and make chemistry a subject you truly enjoy and excel in!

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