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Suraiya A.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Combined Sciences

Can Teach in English
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About Suraiya A.

I believe that teacher is a Lifetime learner. This thought brought me to this profession being so noble to make or break someone’s life. I am trained and certified teacher for two subjects i.e. Biology and Chemistry for O levels and Matric system with experience of 11 years in the field. I believe in concept based learning to enable student becoming independent and master of his/her learning. I have a special ability to make student gain self-confidence and prepare them for applying their learning in daily life situations. The students I have taught by far always appreciate the comfort level built during the class which enables them ask questions for better understanding. I believe that Children now a days need a teacher who anticipate their thoughts and must be learned enough to answer all type of questions they ask. It’s my duty as teacher to explore different means to make learning easy for my students. So let’s learn.

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Combined Sciences

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