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3D Character Animation

Bring your imagination to life by creating video animations!

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4 Weeks

Course Fee

PKR 5,500

Age Group

5-14 Years



Course Features

Introduction to 3D Animation.

Creating and Bringing Characters to Life.

Fun with Animation Software.

Building a Portfolio of Awesome Animations, stories and cartoons.

Course Details

This course is designed for the creative kids. Nowadays, lots of kids watch stuff on screens that other people made. But this course is all about making kids into "Creators" themselves. They'll learn how to use special tools for 3D Animation. With these tools, they can make whatever they imagine - there's no limit!

This is an instructor-led course where the instructor will be giving live classes to the learner. Students will be guided on which tools to use for what kind of animation projects. They will be guided on how to convert an idea into an animation, how to break down a project into smaller pieces and then try to build it from the ground up.

We'll start with an exciting introduction to the art of 3D animation, where you'll uncover the secrets behind making characters move, talk, and express their emotions. Through hands-on activities and interactive sessions, you'll have a blast exploring various animation software tools, discovering the power to create your very own animations, stories, and even cartoons. By the end of the course, you'll have an impressive portfolio filled with your awesome creations, showcasing your newfound skills and creativity as a budding animator!

Lesson Plan

No. of Classes: 08
No. of Projects: 06

Design of characters.

Design of scenes.

Adding background music.

Exploring multiple tools like Powtoon, Vyond, Adobe Character Animator etc.

Why Learn 3d Character Animation?

This course is excellent for your kids to acquire a new skill in a fun way!

This course is like a fun adventure that helps kids use screens in a creative way. They'll learn how to make cool 3D animations and see how they're put together. Plus, it's not just about making things look cool - they'll also learn how to solve problems and plan things step by step. Making a whole animation needs careful thinking and arranging different parts. So, by joining this course, kids will have a blast while learning to use screens wisely, creating awesome stuff, and getting better at solving problems!



Course Completion Activities

Implement final project as assigned by the teacher, demonstrate it in the last lesson

Pass the Grand Quiz

Parent Teacher meeting