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Introduction to Scratch programming


Scratch Classes

We all know how important it is to create programs to teach code for kids in the 21st century. This course introduces the Scratch programming language that MIT uses to inculcate the habits of programming for kids. Scratch is a block-based programming language used by millions of kids worldwide to create and share animations, stories, and games.

It is unnecessary to have any computer programming experience to succeed in this course. Students will not have to memorize and write lines of code. Not only for kids, but this course can also be anyone's gateway to building logic and creating programs.

It is easier to learn to code online using Scratch. Scratch 3.0 is based on Blockly and consists of visually appealing blocks that interlock to create different activities such as games and animations.

Key Take-Away:

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Here is how simple it is

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ s)

The phrase 'coding for kids' mean that they don't have to learn a "programming language" at this time. Instead, the course will focus on teaching them the logic-building blocks and basic programming constructs that will make them comfortable with coding in the long run. Kids will be able to use visual tools to experiment with and create exciting games as per their imagination.

The course is based on the MIT Scratch program, where coding for kids is in the form of blocks that are joined together to create logic for any task that has to be performed.

The participant needs only to know the basics of using a computer device and perform basic operations such as saving files and opening a browser.