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Ramadan Series for Kids

Instill the love of Ramadan in the hearts of our little ones

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4 Weeks

Course Fee

PKR 4,000

Age Group

6-12 Years



Course Features

Overview of the five pillars of Islam.

Learn the importance and significance of the spiritual month of Ramadan.

Learn duas, focusing on charity and doing good deeds while staying away from wrong.

Learn the essence of 4 quls with translation.

Highlight the lessons taken from the stories of the prophets and benefit from them, hence taking the Quran as a source of guidance for ourselves.

Course Details

"Instill the love of Ramadan in the hearts of our little ones."

During this course, we shall begin with an overview of the foundation of Islam that every Muslim must adhere to live a good and responsible life. We will instill the value of the holy month of Ramadan and the best ways to make the most of it. While at the same time, drawing lessons for our behaviour, interpersonal relationships, and the bond between humans and their Creator from the lives of the prophets.