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Understanding Files, Folders and Apps

Assess your current knowledge level

1. A file can have any information in it, for example voice or sound or picture or text or other data.

2. One file can have two names.

3. A filename has three parts [Name].[Extension] where name is any characters that you choose and extension shows the type of the file.

4. A file can be copied from one folder and pasted into another folder.

5. A file can be renamed.

6. The type of a file tells which program will be used to open it.

7. One program can usually open multiple types of files.

8. One folder can have only one type of files.

9. Foldername has the same rule as filename - it has a foldername, dot, and extension.

10. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox are different browsers and each browser is a program.