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Assess your current knowledge level of HTML, CSS

1. Is this an opening tag? (<h1>)

2. Is this syntax correct?(<paragraph>). Welcome! Here you can find the following things: (</paragraph>)

3. Does CSS mean Cascading Style Sheet?

4. We use inline CSS so that if we change the style in one place, and it is used in multiple places in our project, then the change is reflected in all the places in the project.

5. HTML and CSS files can be opened in any browser.

6. A complete static website can be made with a combination of HTML and CSS files.

7. Each opening tag must have a closing tag in HTML.

8. If you make a CSS file but do not use the <link> tag, will the styles work in your HTML file?

9. The href tag allows you to connect two pages.

10. The <a> tag and href attribute allow you to connect two pages.

11. One HTML tag can have many attributes.

12. Do you need a server to run your HTML files in a browser?

13. If your tags or attributes are not spelled correctly, will the browser show the HTML page correctly?

14. The <a> tag and href attribute allow you to connect two sections on the same page.

15. Styles are to be placed inside the HTML tags for them to work properly.